Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Self Portrait and other news!

I am sorry it has been awhile since I posted on my Lars Blog.
New things in the works, is that I will be having some new printing options with Marketing Orbit.
 I was picked out of a hat from their Facebook page, and won a free printed T-Shirt. So I decided to finish a self Portrait of my self to use on the back of the shirts I will be getting.
I had a great conversation with a very talented Master artist and friend that I really admire from Thomas Fluharty, and I loved how he not just help me realize that I had to study anatomy, but also gaave me an encouragement to not give up on finding my artist from with in and continued to pray with me! Here is a sample of his work!
I need to get back to feeding the puppies and straightening the house before the wife comes home so here is my latest self portrait of myself. I would love to hear feedback if the texture works, should I use this as my promo portrait or is it to fat :)
This one does not have any extra noise or Oil Paint texture
In this version I added to Noise and a Oil Painting filter in Photoshop CC.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sketchology - Sketching and Theology with LarsER and Co."

I do a lot of sketches while at bible studies for years and yes I do pay attention to the study and I am takes notes! So I thought why not make it into a Sketch/Theology book, with contributions from others? Ok I know that alot of my artist draw and doodle while in school and I would like to feature some of there point of views on this topic in the book as well Maybe I could call the book "Sketchology- Theology and Sketching with LarsER and Co., I started at Kick starter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/434408014/847383741?token=dad376b0
It would be great to get some feed back and maybe someone would like to contribute if you don't mind, Thanks!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

4 girls friends forever

I wish I was allotted more time to tweak this piece but budget sometimes does not allow it. I had fun with Illustrating Four friends that have been together since pre school and now are going to separate colleges. 

I would really like to hear any feed back on this piece, and I had a great time painting.

Ok I had to do a few minor changes, like a little less cleavage on the two middle girls, add dimples to the third girl, and darker hair on the far right girl. Received a testimonial: "A Picture I expect will bring a lifetime of memories! Thanks Lars!"

Here was the original painting prior to the changes above!

Yes this is my first more serious Illustration project on my new #eacom Cintiq Companion, and I loved working on it!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Kevin Dean RIP

It was a blessing to be able to create a memory for my History teacher Kevin Dean R.I.P, and was created on Campus while I set up my studio at the 20th/25 year reunion reception on June 13, 2014. Everyone signed around it and we gave it to his family.

I also drew some of the students returning and finding old friends from 25 ago!

Friday, May 23, 2014

20th Artist anniversary, and a Digital Illustration Workshop

I have been in the freelance business over 20 years and the past  maybe 8 years I have been using digital media in my studio work. I have perfected a very traditional media look to my digital drawings and paintings. After talking with Jim Reinman with 4d Studios we have decided to offer a work shop on my technique in photoshop, and show some of my work, talk shop Etc. There will be snacks and drinks.  And maybe some light music (still looking into that)

Please call 4D Studios, LLC at 813-873-9400 
before June 7th, 2014 from 7-9pm
or you can email: info@4dstudiosllc.com 
(header: Digital Illustration Workshop)
It is $40 fee pre-paid amount 
(and for students there is %50 discount)

I am really hoping to have a great gathering of friends! if your not an artist still come and enjoy the art show. There will be snacks and beverages! Address is 2511 e. Swann Ave in Tampa,fl

I can mail you a flyer if you like, thank you for your support!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

George Gilbert The Eccentric Comedian (Updated)

I was really honored to asked by a fellow entertainer and friend from Pier 60 Sunset festival to paint George Gilberts profile and make up a logo for his business! Here is the sketches and final.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Post card save a date art work

I have a fellow artist of 3d sculpture work ask me to help him with his Save-A-Date Illustration art work. He wanted me to base the art off the old sci-fy art. It was really fun to work on this project!