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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mens traveling t-shirt design

You I thought I would share an update on an issue I had with the layout of my my latest project. Well after some changes from my client this t #shirt #cartoon #caricature #sketch #illustration is finally done, I wish could add more colors and even more values. Still pleased with the outcome? Very hard to do when the reference was bad as some where!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Retirement Sergeant Pete

You It was a great honor to be asked by the Tampa Bay Poice department to do a Caricature painting of Pete that is going to work at Busch gardens in the security department. inside joke of the person under the truck, put his parents on a bill board, the hard part was fitting all the typed names all around the painting. I had it printed at Davidsons print and Framing in St Pete where I am going to pick up a print for my self!

Mark Henry Wrestler Caricature

Do you think I have a style that says Lars, as far as look of the painting technique is considered? By the way this is a Mark Henry the wrestler, and I thought the tight uniform was a good contrast artistically! I have not shared much as of late because I am working hard on try to wrap up my Arnie the Christmas pig children's book, 5 paintings on depicting Hell, gigs in between drawing Caricatures, my lead cool position in the early mornings from 5-1pm. I am not complaining but I needed to have an outlet where I can just paint for fun, and yes this was done in about Three hours and I looked back at it and asked my self "Do have a look that screams that is a LARSER ARTS style painting? By the way I wanted to exegerated his body and arms more than his face, people always think a caricature as to be done in the face!
The next images photo reference was found online on Google and was used only as reference Copyrights belong to Mark Henry

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Large Print options

Here are some of the mock up ideas that I came up with some samples of my work to be listed with

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Eagle Datagistics Large Employee Painting

This was an a big leap project for me to take on, because this time I recieved a bigger budget and was able to render this #painting with more a realistic approach to this #Illustration. I was originally approached a couple of years ago to go into the office and draw about 12 of the company employees. I explained to him to Chuck that I felt rushed last time and that I would rather try to have more time in my studio to painty the 14 employees in a layout of the office and see it over looking he gulf and the St Pete Pier. 
I was asked to come in for a photo shot with my painting and I made up some individual post cards to hand out as keep sakes

And then Here is the the final 30"-20" size 14 employees painting. I felt I could keep going but I had to find a end. The client was very satisfied, and that is what counts
I did a photo collage to help find references ideas.
Drew a #sketch to get a rough idea of how to proceed
From this sketch we had some changes and reordering
Once changes was approved I started adding values
The next step was to do a full value under painting to get ready for the color layer

Monday, March 23, 2015

Sketch of Large Employee Painting

I got  a awesome new assignment, drawing a large office team at Eagledatagistics (repeated client), and today I got a big jump on the sketch mookup. More details to be added soon once the progress is approved. I dont always do a photo collage but in this instance I had great photo reference collection, so why not. Good night everyone I will share more soon

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I will be live streaming this Saturday

You will be able help raise money for the Phillip A. Bryant  melanoma foundation, by purchasing a print of Phil, I am donating a 1/3 of profits! Come out to Phil Phest 2015 to see the original, and get drawn for Free from 1-7pm
I will be live streaming from my twitter page with the new #meerkat app on this Saturday from 12.30-7.30 while I am drawing live Caricatures at this years #philphest2015