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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Kieran Quinn Comedy Poster

It was really fun for a change to do a simple line Caricature drawings of some comedians for a Comedy show on January 31st. at Finleys Irish Pub. I will also be there an hour before the show to draw Caricatures for tips.

Julio's the Baker

I don't usually do art for other fellow employees I work with, but I could not resist to draw the best baker I have ever known Julious. I kept asking me to draw him everyday so I could not resist. I will be doing a phase two on this project of what He wanted to be drawn nude with a big package, I did one like this for his family to see and not sure if I can share on here? I like the looseness but also I think it works. I used Sketchbook Pro for sketching and Photoshop CC for the tones and colors.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Apple still life and up dated news

I was helping my wife cut some apples, and then suddenly I was startled by the the amazing arrangement of the apples, so I decided to a study still life painting of the apples, and I might get framed for our kitchen. I want to do more food because that is my second love :) I also have a great new project to share with you all soon, I can say it has to do with hell!
Have a great week and I am so thankful for my quality connections with my clients and friends

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Jim Carry got me thinking

After 20 years of being an artist, I realize even if I do a quick Caricature at a event, creating a large portrait, making story telling coming alive with my illustrations, murals, or even cooking at my secondary career as a chef, that I am a service person! I truly love to help others by entertaining or creating a memory for years to come by my gifts and talents. I am upset sometimes that after 20years+ I am still not able to do my freelance career Art full time, I don't recieve them large clients, or invest money in marketing and things don't happen right away. My faith is a Christian based faith that one day my savior will come back to give me the ultimate peace. I am called to spread gospel by leading as example of Jesus Christ, but I do not like push my believes on others and believe me I am not the poster child because I am a sinner, but once I became under the understanding that God Grace would take on all my sins by having his only son die on the cross, and take my sins and wash it all away! I feel now that I am older and see all the hurt in the world, the fighting over religious differences, people starving. I just pray for peace in this world and that if we all could just try not have hatred towards our neighbor, but we need to be active! If you did not want to hear me talk about the gospel truth, that is just to bad because I live for Jesus to glorify his kingdom. I hope you know I am always here for you if you have any questions as an artist that is  either just starting out or been established, I want you to not be hesitant to contact me to talk! Ok this video just got me motivated to write what was on my mind, and I sincerely hope you understand I strive to make those quality connections with people, so I can help them become what they really want in life, and therefore helping me become a better artist, father, husband, believer, but mostly making me do what I really love and that is to be servants heart and create my art to make dreams come true!
Some of new art

Friday, December 26, 2014

Pre drawn studio Caricature prior to live gig

I was able to finish 8 studio Caricatures for an up coming Christmas party I am doing a gig for this Friday. I used traditional Pen and Ink, Pencil, and Photoshop cc for digital touch ups. These are some of the Doctors and office staff that they wanted drawn prior to the party so they could mingle. Good night everyone 

Family trip to London England painting

It was great to be asked to recreate a memory a family trip to London England, by one of steady live digital clients. I was first asked to do a portrait Caricature style, but I had make more of traditional portrait style. My favorite part was recreating the English nature with rain, and the way the reference photo was already very colorful. 

Need form to have a client fill out, and painting of cousin Siri

Ok so I have client that is having a hard time trying to explain what he wants visually in three commission Illustration pieces wants me to do, is there a form or questions to have my client fill in the blanks? He actually wants me to met in person, but I think it is just better to write down his thoughts. 
I attached a painting #gift of my cousin Charlotte Brännsroms new baby Siri. My mother wanted me to do it for her. I did not have much time, but it has a cute factor she wanted. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I look forward to what next year brings.